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P&L Consulting is a boutique C-suite advisory firm that leverages intelligence and networks to provide strategic business counsel to leaders of enterprises that are navigating unique business environments.



Who We Are

P&L Consulting is a boutique C-suite advisory firm that leverages intelligence and networks to provide strategic business counsel to leaders of enterprises that are navigating unique business environments.


We are the East Africa affiliates of Instinctif Partners (previously Collage Hill), an international business communications consultancy with over 450 staff in 20 offices across Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East and Southern Africa.


We provide strategic advisory in high stakes situations, enabling our clients to maintain control of their bottom line narrative.



The Journey So Far

Our Services

Capital Markets Advisory

When it comes to money decisions, the value of information cannot be understated. Our team of experienced and analytical consultants walk with you to ensure that your key stakeholders have access to the right data that makes their decision-making process easy. 

Our mandate covers:

Investor Relations
Annual Reports
AGM & EGM Management
ESG Reporting

Strategic Communication

Our teams’ combined years of expertise in specialized communication practice has earned us the recognition as East Africa’s preferred and trusted partner for intricate communication assignments. We work closely with our clients through crossroads, turning points and take offs.

Our mandate covers:

Corporate Reputation
Brand Management

Risk Advisory

In an increasingly zero-sum world where targets are often adjusted and sometimes at short or no notice at all, we help our clients stay in front of the curve as well as be able to anticipate and deal with the curveballs.  

Our mandate covers:

Reputation Due Diligence
Market Intelligence

P&L Insights

We share fascinating and exceptional thoughts from our team in which we weave patterns and connect ideas that match to our current and future clients’ needs.

Our mandate covers:

Markets playbook
Thought Leadership
Signature Industry Events

Our Team

We balance analytical, pragmatic thinking with creative energy to develop practical innovative solutions for our clients

Our team reflects a variety of disciplines and broad industry experience. We are lawyers, journalists, private equity practitioners, communication specialists, and capital raising professionals. Our senior management team, including our advisory board members dedicated to the firm, have notable track records in their fields of expertise. Our cumulative work experience totals 92 years with regional and global experience. These include United Kingdom, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania,Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, South Sudan

What People Say About Us

"The team of highly qualified
communication consultants works
efficiently with the AfDB team and
always on hand to offer their support."

Lawson Zankli
Chief Regional Programs Officer,
African Development Bank

“Their advisory services have been
exceptional while working on projects
that require meticulous planning
and execution.”

Geoffrey Gangla
CEO, Genghis Capital

“Our association with the firm has
been beneficial to our brand and has
helped us build solid relationships
with our stakeholders”

David Owino
Managing Partner, Ascent Capital Advisors LLP

P&L Insights

Regular news updates from our firm and professional
insight from our team of expert advisors
P&L Consulting feted for financial communication excellence
Dinah Wakio
February 3, 2020

PRSK Awards 2017

As secession talks regain momentum;
Hannah Randa
February 3, 2020

Kenya should take a leaf from similar quests worldwide

Tricky times for African policy makers
February 3, 2020

While prominent global leaders push the envelope with the trade wars, economists are predicting a potential financial crisis. In the face of a changing global trade environment, African leaders should step up decision making to secure their economies.

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